I met DMC in the place to be, and the place to be is with DMC!

I had the honorable pleasure of meeting world renowned HIP HOP icon DMC at the Arts, Beats, and Lyrics this past Friday night. It was a humbling experience discussing the state of HIP HOP in today's culture of overnight entertainers and wanna-be super stars.
I told him about the Atlanta Bench, Atlanta's ONLY "original elements" and "true-School" hip hop shop focused solely on BBOY, GRAFFITI, DJ, and MC cultures. DMC proceeded to tell me that he has driven by The Bench on Marietta Street and has "HONKED for HIP HOP".
Hopefully next time DMC drives by the shop he will stop in for a visit now that he knows what it is.
Special thanks to TAJ ANWAR for blessing me with these photos of our conversation.

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