The $tatus Faction's "Screen Friends" Gallery Show Set For September 11!

The Atlanta Bench is pleased to announce The $tatus Faction’s Georgia gallery debut - “Screen Fiends.”

Hand silk-screening on canvas, “Screen Fiends” explores themes of abstraction, humor, satire, geometry, politics, graffiti, self-promotion and destruction. Accompanying the exhibit will be an indoor installation, music, cocktails and exclusive T$F merchandise.

“Screen Fiends” runs from Sept 11th 2009 to Oct 8th 2009

Opening reception:
Friday, September 11th 7-10:30pm

602 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30313
404 512 7671

Standing in the midst of it all, neither higher nor lower, with all those who are working and struggling is The $tatus Faction (T$F). Located in Hollywood & established in 2007 – T$F is a multidimensional collective composed of artists, designers, musicians and elite creative individuals. Bonded thru respective past experiences, and fueled by congruent future ideologies, T$F is determined to resist conformity. All things being equal, T$F sets out to create their own scene — while avoiding the invasion of your available ones.

For more info visit: www.thestatusfaction.net

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  1. YiYeah! Get Ready! This is gonna be a good one! Follow the build for this show at www.TheStatusFaction.net !